Class in session“Thank you for introducing the I Can Do That! framework into my school. I had much success with it!  I feel that my students will be better prepared to meet the challenges of 4th grade next year!”

– Stephanie Z, 3rd grade, NY

“The video, Crossing the Monkey Bars, is great. It demonstrates learning barriers through the character OBST, the tools that will help break down the barriers (the Action Stars), and how students can use these tools (what they should think, say, or do). More, more!”

– K.B. School Psychologist, N.C.

“I Can Do That! Kids taps into children’s intrinsic motivation to learn for the sake of learning and to take on new challenges. I can think of few greater gifts to give a child than the gift of knowing that they can be successful in trying new things in life.”

-Dr. Donna Pincus, Ph.D., Child Psychologist and Associate Professor, Boston University

“It has become a culture within the school. The students are eager to use the Action Stars in order to defeat the challenges at hand.”

-Darlene Grande, Music K-5, Orlando, Fl.

“The Action Stars have such an impact on my students.  One boy, in particular, who has a lot of anxiety connects to the stars so well that he knows now that he doesn’t want OBST to outsmart him.  He even verbally expresses this. Thus, his crying has diminished.  I am using the Action Stars in all subjects including cursive writing in which I am introducing letter formation (some of those letters are tricky for second grade students).

– C.M. 2nd Grade Teacher, NY