Stanford Research Report – Trouble Ahead for Kindergarteners With Low Self-Regulation.

Here are some interesting points presented in a Stanford University report:

  • Stanford researchers see trouble ahead for kindergarten students with low self-regulation unless parents and teachers help.
  • Children’s self-regulation skills may affect the course of children’s academic trajectories in elementary school.
  • Teachers can learn to provide a better classroom environment for all students.
  • Teachers should get professional development opportunities to help them create a non-reactive, low-conflict classroom environment.
  • Parents can help students improve self-regulation.

By implementing resources that help students self-regulate educators may be assuring a child’s success with learning.

I Can Do That! Kids – – offers  “child-friendly” Action Stars for teaching children HOW to work at difficult tasks. They are grasped easily by kindergarteners who see them as “helpers” when faced with a challenging task.  Young children begin to self-regulate their responses to learning:  “I need to try again!” and develop essential learning traits. 

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