Presentations / Professional Development

Who’s Job Is It? – A Teacher-Parent Collaborative Effort to Keep Learning As The Student’s Responsibility.   Connetquot School District Teacher’s Center;  March, 2016

An interactive workshop that will invite teachers to examine the following:

  • The release of responsibility for learning.
  • Teach-Coach-Manage – guiding instruction, then stepping back.
  • The “new smart” – learning from failure.
  • Modeling problem solving and expert thinking.
  • Promoting peer collaboration.
  • Preparing students now for their first job interview.

Not a lecture. Instead, through guided discussion attendees are invited to share their experiences and collaborate on strategies that promote student ownership of learning.   Teachers are encouraged to invite parents to attend Sessions 2 and 3.

Students Make Learning Their Mission, Not An Assignment – An On-line Presentation, March 2016, New York.

This will be a web-based live presentation offered through the Eastern Suffolk Board of Cooperative Education Services (BOCES).  A free introductory session will invite educators to examine communication skills and teaching practices that foster a growth mindset and skillful self-directed learning.  The session will be free.   More info:  Students Make Learning Their Mission

A follow up 2 hour on-line in-depth workshop will be offered on March 30th.  Participants will be examine how to Teach less, coach more and manage better.  They will examine 10 strategies – what students can think, say or do to help themselves overcome obstacles that interfere with achievement and self-direct their learning.   The workshop supports learning in any content area.  More info:  Students Make Learning Their Mission

Parent Engagement and Collaboration – Beyond The Bake Sale, December 2015, New York

An interactive workshop for K-8 educators to examine ways to engage and collaborate with parents and:

  • focus on the process of learning, not just outcomes;
  • to model and support children, ensuring that they take ownership of their learning.
  • to move beyond reliance on the traditional parent-teacher conference.

Students Make Learning Their Mission, October 2015, New York

A professional development workshop for K-8 educators, offered through the Connetquot School District Teacher’s Center in Long Island, New York.  This interactive workshop invited educators to examine how students are engaged to take ownership of their learning.  Topics covered included: mindfulness, growth and fixed mindset;  parents and teachers on the same page.  Through discussion and role-playing attendees shared their experiences and looked at how they can equip students with the “soft skills” that are necessary for learning, such as their ability to focus, be resilient and persevere.

Free Xylophone Lesson!  Ed Camp, July 2015, New York

Educators were invited to share their understanding and to experience learning with  a “Growth Mindset” by taking a music lesson on a Xylophone.  Ed Camps are a unique format for education conferences where attendees suggest topics upon their arrival.  Using the idea of actually taking a music lesson led to a discussion of what we may know about a growth mindset and actually using it as teachers.

Teacher Mentor Presentation  – June 2015, Long Island, New York

Occurring at the end of their first year of teaching,  the attendees were presented with “food for thought” for the summer.  References and resources were discussed that would help them enable students to take ownership of their learning.

The session lead to a sharing of the challenges they face, covering content, testing expectations and teacher evaluations.

An “I Can Do That!” Teaching Framework – April 2015, St. Isidore Elementary School, Riverhead, New York

A presentation of the key components of the “I Can Do That!” Framework, a written guide with supportive media created by Angelo Truglio,  to increase student voice and nurture self-directed learning.  The resource,  purchased by the school’s principal, would add to her teacher’s tool kit for engaging students by gradually shifting the responsibility for learning to them. Students will be taught strategies for overcoming obstacles that interfere with achieving their best.

Training the Trainers – January 2015, Jacksonville, Florida

A full day workshop was held for the Jacksonville Children’s Commission Early Childhood Training Specialists,  arranged by Lauren Cowman – Pfanenstiel, Associate Director.  A staff member had attended Mr. Truglio’s presentation at the 2014 Young Child Expo and Conference in New York City and recommended his ideas be brought to their staff.

Attendees were asked to identify some of the needs that they hoped would be addressed.  Their comments included, “To help the teachers feel positive about their efforts as well as well as the studentsl.”

The workshop included a brief demonstration of using “Action Star Helpers” created to remind 4 and 5 year old children with what to think, say or do when something was challenging to learn.  One teacher  commented: “It was interesting to see how quickly they (the children) got it.”

Feedback comments included:   “…very helpful and interesting – this addressed areas of importance that have been overlooked – life skills for the young and young adults.”

An I Can Do That! Teaching Framework – January 2015, New York

At this half-day free workshop, presented through Eastern Suffolk BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services), in Suffolk County, NY attendees were introduced to the Angelo Truglio’s “I Can Do That!” Framework for teaching.

Feedback comments included:   “Wonderful!  Getting students to become excited about learning is the essence of what a great teacher does. This was a terrific class.” – D R. School Librarian.

An “I Can Do That!” Teaching Framework For Early Childhood – Oct 2014, Las Cruces, New Mexico

A full day professional development workshop for teachers and para professionals from the Las Cruces Public Schools Head Start Program.

Teachers role played being learners, taking a music lesson on the xylophone.  They experienced how a pre-schooler might feel when faced with a learning challenge. They learned to use “Action Star Helpers” to self-regulate their ability to focus, deal with failed attempts and try again.

Feedback received included:  “Everyone in a school or education setting may be pressed for time to teach the content…it’s important to know that HOW someone learns will follow them.” ~  M.M. Head Start Education Facilitator

Raising Smart Learners – A PTA Presentation, October 2014, New York

With introduction of the Common Core, many parents find they need to know how to help their child with homework.  Parents were invited to look at ways to help their child “be smart” by being a smart learner! They were introduced to “How to learn” strategies that would benefit their children as life-skills for any learning.

The principal of the school commented how her own daughter benefited from the strategies which she learned them from her 4th grade teacher.

“I Can Do That!” – Self-Regulated Learning With a “Child-Friendly Tool-Kit of Strategies. April 2014 – New York

Mr Truglio presented at The Young Child Expo and Conference held in New York City.  Attendees included educators from the United States, Canada and around the globe, there to learn the latest teaching practices in early childhood education.  Mr. Truglio introduced his early childhood version of an “I Can Do That!” Framework for teaching.

Feedback included: “High energy presenter. Good ideas for reading tool-kit.” and “I was given immediate strategies to pass on to my students.”