Outsmart OBST!

What if your students could help themselves, when learning or completing a task was difficult?

Three Stages of OBST

Whatever the challenge or lesson, students will make it their mission as they learn to  Outsmart OBST  (as in OBSTacle).  Challenges usually come with obstacles that slow us down or maybe persuade us to give up.  Kids learn to recognize these obstacles and what to “stick to it!”.

They learn 10 strategies represented by the I Can Do That! Action Stars, reminding them to focus, bounce back from mistakes, and “stick to it”. OBST loses his bricks and eventually collapses.

WATCH the Get Started Video

Kids use the Mission Room, fun videos and other motivational tools to help themselves make difficult POSSIBLE!  MissionRoom_Editd

A printable guide is available on the website.  Or Order the Educator’s Kit  

Teacher tested. Recommended for ages 6-10.  Introduce using familiar games and daily routines.  Parents and teachers say how surprised how quickly children  learn to apply the strategies to challenges.

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