I Can Do That! Action Star Cards

Printed cards – are they really still helpful?

Learning challenges can occur anywhere and at anytime.

Cards, especially when designed to be colorful and “kid-friendly”, can be held, kept easily in sight …


… taken anywhere AND, these card prompt a child to think for themselves!


Colorful I Can Do That! Action Star cards are a child’s tool kit, reminders to focus, break down challenges, bounce back from setbacks and stick to it!    Life skills for learning!


I Can Do That! Action Cards –  strategies to keep at their finger tips.

The Action Stars come to life when children view the videos on the website.  Kids enjoy deciding who their favorite helper is for different challenges.


They use the TALLY CARD to keep track of points earned for the Action Stars the use.  The number of points shows them how hard they tried, and that their effort is as important as reaching their goal!

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