The I Can Do That! Educator’s Kit

A resource for educators, printed materials with website media support.  Help create an “I Can Do That!” mindset for learning for ages 6-10.  Nurtures mindfulness, self-directed learning and most importantly, self-efficacy – a feeling of “I am capable” or “I can do that!”

“It’s a fun way to teach kids how to overcome obstacles that makes learning difficult.  With I Can Do That! Kids I didn’t need any behavior modification resources.”  L.R. 2nd grade teacher.


Create a classroom culture where:

the way students work at a challenge is as important as the outcome!  

The Educator’s Kit includes:

  • Easy implementation guides
  • The Story of OBST and How to Outsmart OBST!
  • Glossy Action Star Cards (Set of 10)
  • Sample Lessons
  • Assessment Tools
  • Three 8 ½” x 11” Display

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