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The Holiday Season – How will kids stay focused?

The Holiday Season is here.  Excitement, energy levels, and sugar levels are up!  There’s lots of distractions that can interfere with end of the year goals.

HolidayRushExtra lists are popping up along with decorations and added events. It’s a challenge to stay focused, but with a little help children can learn to break down tasks into manageable bites and use time wisely. Parents can share strategies with children as we drive our sleighs through the season, so that the responsibility for keeping them on track in a “Merry” way does not rest solely on us.  However,

telling children how things must get done is not as effective as helping them come to their own realizations.

When trying to get a child to hunker down and focus on a goal, whether it’s homework, chores or piano practice, try this:

·        Plan for a 10 minute dialogue.

·        Explain the task and say, “It’s the holiday season and lots of things can distract us.”  Solicit ideas from the child:  “How can we get this done so we’ll have more time to enjoy the season?”

You may get some blank stares or “I don’t knows” – but persist!  The first step is for them to realize you are serious about hearing their input.

·        When they offer an idea,  good ones or not, commend them for thinking about what can be done.  Say, “It’s great we’re making a plan. It will help us have more time to enjoy the holiday happenings!”

·        Keep them involved – brainstorm solutions!   That’s when they’ll realize what they need to do, to gets things done.

·        The opportunity will come up for you to share what works for you.  Say, “Here’s something I do to not get distracted.”

When children are aware of distractions that interfere with goals and start to come up with strategies  – it’s just as valuable as getting things done!

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