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MrT_teaching "I can".

I’m Angelo Truglio, an advocate for helping learners believe, “I can”.

As a public school music teacher I spent  a lot of time trying to convince kids that they can be good at making music.  Yes it may be difficult, but I believed they were capable, that they could do it.  I didn’t come from a musical family, and my first formal music lesson was in 9th grade, yet I went on to enjoy a rewarding career performing and teaching music!

My wife and I raised two children and now as I watch my grandchildren, ages 3 and 5,  I have the opportunity to really see how excited kids are about learning;  how proud they are when they say, “Look what I did. All by myself!”

The most important improvement we can make in how we teach kids is to preserve and support each learner’s natural drive to discover, and their willingness to try.  Just watch a toddler learning how to walk and you’ll see it in action.

Kids will always have “hard stuff” to learn.  To achieve they need to believe they can do it!  We need to teach them and then step back to let the learning happen… after all, it’s about them, isn’t it?

Perhaps we share the same goal, for children to enjoy a lifetime of learning,  and to share their passion with others.  If so let’s work together to  improve the way we teach,  and the way kids learn.

Angelo Truglio